CENTER SPACE produces and disseminates uplifting publications, audio-video programs, seminars, workshops, and consulting services from some of the world’s top Success Coaches and Trainers that foster spiritual, personal and community empowerment and enlightenment. We offer many of our best programs on a “Pay It Forward Donation” basis. Three examples are the Seven Ascension Attitudes, Developing Spiritually Centered Resolutions and TULIPS, The Ultimate Life Inpowerment Planning System.

We have called upon some of the world’s top trainers, motivators and Success Coaches to help in this consciousness raising and community mobilization project, including Les Brown, Paul J. Meyer, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, Jim Britt, Chin Ning Chu and Bonnie St. John. Examples of some of the major programs are available at and

Because we trust in the Law of Compensation and want to share the inspired resources entrusted to us by Spirit, all of our programs are offered on a donation basis whenever possible. The resources we offer from other resource providers are made available at discounts to CENTER SPACE members.  A one page PDF of the Strategic Marketing Matrix TM that demonstrates how CENTER SPACE envisions accomplishing our vision and mission is available on the main web site at