This was and is my all time favorite “office” thanks to the gift of this swinging chair designed by Wink and Eric Donovan based on their work with R. Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller. This photo was taken seveal years ago when I lived in the intentional community of Oakwood Farm, the midwest center for the Emissaries of Divine Light. In an earlier location under a beautisul sweeping willow tree in the intentional community of Stelle, Illinois where I lived for over 20 years, I completed most of the work for my Community Economic Development Master’s program. I also created many of the programs and publications my associates and I are about to publish and produce through our cause-oriented Benefit Corpoprations and affiliated non-profit organizations.

Through the new Collaborative Infopreneurship Network Benefit Corporation, we will demonstrate cocreative collaborative initiatives and enterprises. One of our initial projects is publication of 14 stand-alone titles on Solving Life’s Ultimate Success Puzzles in the Ultimate Destiny Success System. Our affiliated NPO Ultimate YOUniversity for Successful Living is our primary marketing and distribution partner and we are actively seeking additional cofounders, accredited investors and resource providers we can Feature in our programs and publications.

Following are just a few of my present priority projects and you can click on the images for details: